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Hello, my name is Lee and I can’t wait to help you achieve ALL of your health and fitness goals.  In the near future we will be spending alot of time together so here is a little information about myself.

  • Bsc in Exercise Science
  • Master Trainer certificate IV in fitness from the Australian Institute of Fitness
  • REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3.
  • Owner of a private Personal Training & Class studio.
  • Owner of Grill&Go –Tasty Health Kitchen, Manchester City Centre.
  • Favourite quote “Nothing worth gaining, was ever gained without effort”

Now that is enough about me, I believe personal training to be about YOU and how I can help YOU!

So do you have a wedding dress to squeeze into, a holiday booked and worried about how you will feel on the beach, or would you simply like to feel more confident about yourself, boost your fitness levels and improve your self esteem?

If you are serious about a change and have answered yes to any of the questions above then please don’t hesitate to get it touch!

I have successfully trained clients in both the UK and Australia where I gained my personal training qualification in which is one of the healthiest nations on the planet.  With a sports science degree behind me I specialise in diet, detox and exercise with highly motivating and varied workouts.

Previous and current clients include, Miss Trained Figure North West Champion and Great Britain entree in the NABBA (National Amateur Body Builders Association 2012) Susan Balfe, Coronation Streets Brooke Vincent, BOOHOO and Pretty Little Thing owner Umar Kamani as well as current hit comedy show BENIDORM actor Asa Elliott and backup dancers for the girl band The Saturdays. Many more of my clients have seen their weight plummet (some over 7 stone) and bodies change.  I guarantee results if you guarantee the desire to change.

I lead by example undertaking various fitness modelling and sporting events up and down the country.

  • The Dublin rock and roll Half Marathon, Tough Mudder & Hell Runner were all completed in 2013
  • The Paris marathon with one of my clients, David whitehead who can be seen on my testimonial page was completed in 2014
  • 2015 saw another Tough Mudder with a team of clients, the Wilmslow half marathon and the Salford triathlon all completed.
  • 2016 I have just been accepted into the London marathon that I will be running for THE MIND charity, which is a charity very close to my heart, please support me in this quest and any donation no matter how small will be greatly appreciated;
  • http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/LeeWardle

I am one trainer who not only preaches what he prays but I will continually push your boundaries to achieve. My clients are all encouraged and welcomed onto any events I run so I am ALWAYS pushing your limits!

Having successfully worked at some of the major fitness franchises including David Lloyd, Virgin Active and Esporta I now operate from my own private personal training studio and offer competitive rates.

Outside of my Personal Training life I have opened my own eatery called GRILL & GO –Tasty Health Kitchen on one of Manchester city centres most famous streets John Dalton Street.  Please check out;


If you still cant make up your minds just click on the testimonial page and just look at some of my transformations this year

I come highly recommended!

“Start changing your life TODAY, call or email NOW”


Eat better

Care for your body, it’s the only place you have to live.  You wouldn’t drive a car on empty or the wrong fuel would you? Treat your body to correct nutritional programming its 70% percent of YOUR results. You are what you eat SIMPLE.


Sleep tight

Sleeping is fundamental to success it is where the body grows and repairs.  Exercise will also aid sleep quality.



I train with intent.  All of my clients train to 100% of their ability, why would I demand anything less? More effort exerted the greater YOUR results.


Lose weight

Eat fewer calories, eat the correct calories, expend a greater amount of calories and lose weight, it really is that simple. Why overcomplicate it?

Client Transformations

I can give advice & offer you a fully personalised nutrition plan.
My nutrition plans will not leave you famished and it will achieve results in no time!

David Whitehead

David Whitehead

Your time, your terms!

Read David Whiteheads Amazing Transformation Story Here

Sophia Georgiou

Sophia Georgiou

You'll get goosebumps!

This was an amazing change read Sophia here

Asa Elliot

Asa Elliot

Helped himself into great shape!

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Clare Sherrat

Clare Sherrat

Need a push? Read her story

Clare is by far the biggest loser read her story here

Francesca Moynihan

Francesca Moynihan

Be disciplined Like Francesca

Francesca Moynihan her story. The image shown is of her lean back after training.

Neil Mackay

Neil Mackay

Get best results combining sports

Leaner and meaner Neil Mackey read about him here

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

She does it, even with her workload, so can you


Read Brooke Vincent's Story here

Pricing plans

I can give advice & offer you a personalised nutrition plan.
My nutrition plans will not leave you famished and it will achieve results in no time!

£200 per person


5 Sessions (60 min each)

Full Evaluation

Body Analysis

See All Plans
£385 per person


10 Sessions (60 min each)

Full Evaluation

Body Analysis

See All Plans
£550 per person


15 Sessions (60 min each)

Full Evaluation

Body Analysis

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My Usual Training Times

All my sessions are in and around the following days & hours: **

Monday 6am – 11pm
Tuesday 6am – 11pm
Wednesday 6am – 11pm
Thursday 6am – 11pm
Friday 6am – 4pm
Saturday 6am – 4pm
Sunday Day off

** This can vary, please contact me for more info

My Diary

In my personal time I like to write and help people as much as I can, so keep your eye on my blog, I will write articles related to dieting, nutrition, exercises and so on. Hope you’ll like and appreciate them.


I am not going to lie I used to detest exercise and never thought it was for me. Prior to working with Lee I had four different trainers, both in gyms an even coming to my house but with no real success. However after training with Lee who also took a thorough look and weekly check on my diet in conjunction with a detox plan the weight just started to literally fly off! Training in his own studio puts me at ease rather than training in a gym with the other members watching you allows me to focus better on the sessions.

- Sophia Georgiou

Very highly motivating and even inspiring as you can see he walks his talk with his low body fat percentage I am trying to chase!! He is always on hand via phone, text or email and constantly emails me fitness advice and even workouts when I’m stuck in hotel gyms whilst working abroad. Read Full Story

- David Whitehead

Personal training with Lee is honestly fantastic and coming from somebody who used to despise exercise is the biggest compliment I can give. Every single session is varied, fun and highly motivating but structured to attain the little goals we agree on each month. Lee is very easy to get on with but knows how to get the best out of you and make you push yourself when you just want to give up. Not only do I now look forward to our two sessions a week but when I train alone with the programmes Lee sets for me I still hear his voice in my head telling me too keep on going and not give up so it’s like having him with me four days a week at least!

- Clare Sherratt


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If you have any questions or would like to contact me about private training, fill out the form below.

Call or text: 07795 331 421
Holland St. Denton, Mcr M34 3WE